Schedule a Free Joint Pain Consultation and receive a Review of Medical History,
One-on-One Consultation, and Analysis of your joints.

Our Advanced Joint Pain Program Relieves or Eliminates:

– Swelling and stiffness

– Weakness or instability

– Popping or crunching noises

– Inability to bend or fully straighten the joint

What Doctors Can Do For Chronic Joint Pain


In the past, if someone had pain related to a degenerative joint condition, doctors would either try and cover the pain with endless medications or prescribe surgery, a procedure that usually fails after a few years, leaving one just as helpless and in pain as they were before.

The problems are apparent.

Thankfully, our doctors have been training and studying under the best and brightest, learning about new, more permanent ways to treat chronic joint pain. Through the use of adjustments, injections, and other non-surgical or narcotic methods, our staff can treat your joint pain, both safely and effectively.

Imagine walking on a pair of knees that feel 30 years younger and are once again able to do the things you love — fast and without surgery.

If you’re living with chronic joint pain and hope to avoid surgery,Multicare Medical Center can help. Schedule a Free Consultation today with one of our doctors.

During your consultation, you will:


► Learn how our doctors treat painful joints and rehabilitate functionality.

► Find out the causes of Joint Degeneration and Arthritis.

► Learn the costs and benefits between Surgery and Our Program