Work Injuries

MultiCare Medical in Papillion and its integrated medical team is one of Nebraska’s leaders for treatment of Work Injuries and worker’s compensation cases, auto accidents, and sports injuries with an emphasis on restoring function and overall wellbeing.

The medical team and staff are experts at caring for patients injured on the job. We understand how important it is for injured workers to fully recover and return to work. To get you back to health faster, we provide on-site worker’s compensation services. Call MultiCare Medical today at 402-505-7989 to start your healing journey.

Comprehensive Work Injuries Care

We specialize in helping injured workers not only restore function but also regain their pre-injury status. MultiCare Medical has provided treatment to thousands of patients with disc herniations, nerve injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries including carpal tunnel, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

What Should I Expect?

At MultiCare Medical, we begin every patient experience with a thorough examination. This may include orthopedic exams, neurological exams, digital X-ray, digital range-of-motion testing, and utilization of a pain analysis scale to fully comprehend the severity of the patient’s injury.

How Do I Pay For Care?

Work-related injuries are complex. If you have suffered a work-related injury, you will benefit from our expert care and experience in handling work issues especially when it comes to communicating with case managers, insurance companies, and your employer.

MultiCare Medical accepts worker’s compensation as a form of insurance payment in most cases and will gladly assist you in filing your insurance claims for our medical services and procedures.



Our medical team treats work-related injuries with a wide variety of services specifically designed to get you back to work and able to perform your normal activities. Our treatment plan may include any of the following options:

∗ Medical pain management

If medical pain management is necessary in the short-term to facilitate your overall treatment plan, we provide those right here in our office using  trigger point injections, joint injections, therapeutic Botox injections, and more.

∗ Physical Therapy

Our doctors and providers will craft a therapeutic plan specific to your injury, and you’ll be guided through hands-on therapies designed for your individual needs. Physical Therapy is, like exercise therapy, a highly effective treatment modality used for the majority of auto-injury cases we see.

∗ Chiropractic Treatment

The primary tool of modern chiropractors is spinal manipulation also known as spinal adjusting. Chiropractors also utilize a variety of physical medicine and rehabilitation approaches, along with nutritional advice to strengthen and balance the body. They may utilize traditional modalities such as ultrasound, microcurrent stimulation, laser therapy, traction, and heat and cold applications in addition to spinal manipulation.

∗ Therapeutic ultrasound

Ultrasound isn’t merely a diagnostic imaging tool. Very high-frequency sound waves can stimulate tissue, increasing blood flow in the treated area and speeding up the healing process. Therapeutic ultrasound can also help decrease pain by reducing swelling.

∗ Braces

Strains and sprains are just some of the problems that can result from a car accident. Our medical professionals are highly experienced with the various techniques of bracing. The key to proper bracing is our unsurpassed familiarity with the types of forces and injuries involved in auto injuries.

∗ Traction

Traction is a term for the practice of straightening or relieving pressure particularly in the spine and is beneficial for specific kinds of injuries. That is why it is part of our comprehensive range of treatment options and therapies.

∗ Myofascial release

Myofascial release aims to relax contracted muscles, improve circulation, and stimulate the muscular stretch reflex. It is soft-tissue therapy directed at the fascia, which is the tough, elastic connective tissue that wraps muscle tissue and most other structures in the body.

∗ Electrical muscle stimulation

Electrical impulses can elicit muscle contraction, much like the electrical impulses sent by the brain. Our medical staff may use electrical muscle stimulation to prevent muscle atrophy, relax muscle spasms, increase blood circulation and re-educate the muscles.

∗ Strengthening & conditioning

The goal of any auto-injury treatment is to get you back to what’s important: living life! After an injury, treatment and recovery can result in deconditioning and loss of strength. Even if no loss of strength or conditioning is present, improving in these areas can help reduce pain and facilitate a faster and more complete return to activity.

∗ Massage therapy

Hands-on therapeutic massage can loosen soft tissue, relax muscles and improve circulation, all of which can reduce pain and help you make a complete recovery.